Bratislava tea style

I really hope the weather will soon change to the sunny, warm May it is supposed to be, because I found an excellent open space (and air) office to spend my time at. It is a tea house in the so-called Medical Gardens, with colourful carpets, soft cushions and little wooden tables.

And I know I won't be alone there :-) this girl in beige and fresh spring colours was sweet enough to let me photograph her while relaxing. Only now I notice that she's probably reading a travel guide. Good night, going to dream of far-away countries that smell like tea...


  1. her name is Magdalena or Madula as she uses to call her self :)

  2. Jeej ake krasne :-) To je v medickej?
    Pocula som ze s tym pocasim im to spadlo, ale ze uz zase to postavili.
    Krasny napad a krasne fotky, Marika:-)

  3. prety woman in a prety garden and a good photographer.. here is the result.