DIY therapy: jeans pocket

Inspired by "do it yourself" projects, I joined this therapy group on the weekend. A little manual work can really do miracles for the buzzing in your head :-) And because I am loving the jeans on jeans on jeans casual look of the moment, I set up to bring into reality a T-shirt that came up in my head during a jazz concert. (Obviously, jazz concerts are so not the perfect tool to stop the buzzing :-)

So all you need is a plain white T, some second hand kids jeans with nice pockets (adult size jeans have huuuge pockets compared to this, but could also lead to interesting results) and tons of patience with small scissors and a needle.
And ta-daaaam, I am so ready to hit the streets with my camera and my brand new T-shirt. See ya!

p.s. big thanks to my dear boyfriend for taking the time and these pictures!


  1. Beautiful! :) And cool T! :)

  2. beauuutiful! you look great:-)

  3. I know this girl...it is my lovely sister..hahah