Samuel, Bratislava streetstyle via Colorado

While I was shooting Sam I got asked by his friend if it's fair to shoot him as Bratislava streetstyle if he's from Denver, Colorado. Well, I would love to shoot Denver streetstyle, anybody to sponsor my trip? :-)

But the way I see it, when you travel, you take your energy, personality, style, mood and life story with you wherever you go. For those moments (days, weeks, months) in different cities you are a contributing part of that place, you influence its people, style and story, like it or not.

While I would like to use this blog as a proof that in my hometown of Bratislava and the rest of the country there is enough inspiration and creativity on the street to fill its pages, I will not ignore interesting photo subjects just because they're not local. But to be fair, I will mention their country of origin, to give you the full context of the post (like I did, in a metaphorical way here).

Anyway, the reason for this post is the "so very hot right now" stripes vs. stripes concept. On Samuel, it's kind of Sabotage meets John Travolta, no? :-)

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