J'adore, Bratislava streetstyle

I met this sunny girl with a flower in her hair and très adorable top (from Topshop) on the summer city beach in Bratislava. Now on the pictures I also notice the flowery pockets peeking out from underneath her jeans shorts. I never really got this trend of the big floppy pockets peeking out, but here it looks rather cute :-) Now can Topshop please come to Bratislava?


  1. milada halova6/28/2010 3:26 PM

    toto je tak krasne!!!
    ja mam osobne zanietenie pre ozdoby vlasove a toto "ledabole" umiestnenie len tak v "ledabolo" vlasoch je krasne najviac!!
    uplne mam krajsi den:-)