Sylvia, Bratislava streetstyle

I 'm sure you know a girl like Sylvia. It's the kind of girl who is just perfect all the time. Without any visible effort, without any "trying too hard" signs. And doesn't matter if she's doing Pilates, climbing a mountain, driving, having fun or worrying about work - she's always, always perfectly put together. 

I know... maddening. You can try and hey, you CAN succeed to feel perfect. Sure you can, for like one day in a week? :-)
And you know what? You can't even have bad feelings towards the perfect girl. Not only because you are a nice and generous person that is happy for others (of course you are!), but because she's very kind and sweet. And smart. Like Sylvia, who was looking for a trench coat. Since she couldn't find any she liked, she bought a dress with zipper on the front that she now uses as a trench coat. That's just so smart. And... what's the word for it.... perfect? :-)

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend everyone!