Daniela and Filip, NYC streetstyle

A model and a dancer. Both Czech, both living and working in NYC, met both by chance on their way to a Mark Jacobs store. I think we were all taken by surprise by the accidental meeting among millions of people :-) We chatted for a while, took pictures (while goofing around) as seen below :-) and said goodbye.

Style note 1: I think her leopard onesie is a nice example that this piece of garment is really reserved for perfectly thin models, fashion stories or cute babies. I am sorry, I just see too many rompers worn in strange ways.
Style note 2: with classic pieces like Ray Bans and a denim shirt, guys can do no wrong. Even if they don't look like Greek gods :-)

Side note: Thanks to Anonymous for updating me on the girl's name, she's not Dasa (as I first thought and posted) but Daniela.


  1. her name is daniela.

  2. nie je to náhodou Daniela Kocianová?? z Prahy?? jej fotky sú prekrásne :)

  3. google hovori, ze je :-) to som ani nevedela, dakujem za tip :-)

  4. who's the gay guy??