Guest post by Radostina: 10 Inspirational Interior Ideas

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And while Marika is away at some gorgeous place with a cocktail in her hand, let’s talk a little bit about some trends in the interior. Hello, nice to meet all of you. My name is Radostina Bosseva and I’m the girl who writes 79ideas.org. First of all I should to tell you that I’m not a professional, but as a graphic designer I’ve learned how to look for the details and I guess you will not mind if I point out for you few good trends that I really like nowadays. And  who knows,  maybe Marika will find some inspiration here too when she comes back.

 image: jeltje fotografie  }

1. I will start with my favorite trend these days – the lace. It is so popular that besides on clothes it is now common to be used in our homes too – not only as curtains but also in the bedrooms and the dining rooms. Personally I love how is implemented here as tablecloths. 

{ image: johnatan gooch }

2. The pastel colors are still popular and continue to impress. This idea you can see for example in that beautiful home in Melbourne, created by the Australian designer Hecker Guthrie or the work of the stylist Charlotte Love and her idea for dining room. Probably you already noticed that the upper part of those Boraam farmhouse wooden chairs is painted in charming color palette and even the tableclothes are handmade. These two ideas are lovely and you can easily implement them in your home.

{ image: Γιώργος Κορδάκης }

3. White walls and floors – this a bit sterile combination was popular in Scandinavia before, but nowadays – not only there anymore. Here you can see it applied to this summer Greek house by the architect Katerina Vordoni. And from there we can move to the next trend.

{ images: sharyn cairns }

4. The wooden furniture – wooden texture is very welcomed no matter of its shades and forms. In our case here we have a grey surroundings that bring comfortable and elegant feelings.

{ images: grazia }

5. To mix different types of vintage chairs which we can find cheap on the flea markets.

{ images: karl anderson }

6. Large chandeliers: no matter of the material used, neither the form  - both the vintage chandeliers and those with modern design are quite often observed. But here is a tip – use them with caution if your home is not with high ceilings because the space would look smaller.

{ image: lantliv photography: magdalena björnsdotter }

7. Geometric forms are in their apogee right now. They are quite popular everywhere, they found their place in the catalogues of the famous home accessories companies.  Looks like they will continue to be popular no matter if we talk about triangles, squares or crosses, made of textile, ceramic or seen on the wallpapers. 

{ image: homelife }

8. I would like to mention also another trend which I like a lot myself. It is not new, we see it for couple of years now, but it is holding its position on the top. I am talking about the oriental details. They are a matter of personal preference, but we can’t omit mentioning them. Here you can see them in this Australian home.

{ image: Bart Brussee }

9. And here is the last idea related to the bedroom. It is also quite simple, bright and is absolutely clean of any patterns. Simple, mainly linen textile without too much furniture. The colors are gentle pastel and cozy grey.

{ image: Dominic Blackmore }

To all that we can add also the vintage furniture – for example my favorite old leather sofas and wooden chairs, the mixing of different styles and the colorful ceramics, the clean and modern details in the kitchen where the comfort is a priority and last but not least the collection of favorite objects – old cameras, photos etc. 

So we made reference to some interesting trends in the interior and I want to ask you what is your favorite one? What would you be happy to have in your own home?


  1. GREAT!

    Discovered your blog via facebook!

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    ♥ Franka

  2. Good to see you girls together again! Brings sweet Berlin memories in mind =)

  3. stoličkoradie!
    na 6tej fotke

  4. Decoração simples mas com muito estilo...amei...

  5. Really beautiful pictures. I would love to get this kind of Beautiful Interior design for my home.

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