The New York couple, NYC streetstyle

This couple was so cute for posing together, they also seemed like such nice people. To me they look almost like from a contemporary painting :-)
At the same time they were representing everything I noticed on the streets of New York - guys with simple cuts and lines, strong facial hair and rolled up trousers, girls with tattoos (which in this case look like the continuing of the dress) and heavy boots in summer. Visually, I adore the idea, the pairing of the opposites - light dress and heavy boots, short skirt and tall boots.... and for the pictures that's all that matters :-)

Just got back from a weekend in magical Banská Štiavnica (will show and tell later...), feeling like a newborn :-) Wishing you all a great new week full of inspiration!


  1. thansk so much for the source, its one of my favorite photos!

    come by soon,
    The Ballon Rouge

  2. vážně krásný pár- paní má skvělé šaty a tetování

  3. Really nice impressions :)