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André Courrèges – Vogue March 1970 issue
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André Courrèges’ vision and the vivid 60-s are back

This summer the 60-s style is having a revival on the runway. Current SS 13 collections of the most successful fashion brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton encompass a swarm of references to the 60-s fashion era, especially to André Courrèges’ groundbreaking fashion design. André Courrèges was, by all means, ahead of his time and he is still a source of inspiration for contemporary designers.
Let’s immerse into the world of this forward thinker, creator, innovator and dreamer, who was born in the Basque part of France, in Pau in 1923. André Courrèges was studying engineering before the carrier in fashion beckoned. From 1950 until 1961 André Courrèges worked for Christobal Balenciaga alongside Emanuel Ungaro, who was also working for Balenciaga at that time. When Courrèges left the couturier and founded his own fashion house.
Courrèges created fashion that was based on sculptural silhouettes and clean, molded lines. His minimalist designs and ever-present use of technologically advanced synthetic materials reflected Courrèges’ engineering background and his interest in new contemporary technologies, especially in those technologies and techniques that were related to the observation of space, as he often drew the inspiration for his designs from astronaut’s equipment. Helmet-shaped headpieces, thick chunky gloves, PVC textile, that he was able to transform into ravishing dresses and roomy overcoats, perforated and checked overknees, - it was contemporary fashion that looked towards the future, to the day when people could walk on the moon, dressed in Courrèges’ striking items, of course…

 André Courrèges – Vogue March 1970 issue, page 1
Source: http://shuushuubylulu.com/blog/?p=215

Source: http://ohsolovelyvintage.blogspot.de/2013/01/abcs-of-fashion-designers-from-60s-part.html

Danish model Lotte Tarp wearing André Courrèges shades and costume, with Salvador Dalì in his house in Port Ligat, Spain. 
André Courrèges, 1960s.
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Courrèges apparently believed that this day will come as in 1964 he launched his Space Age collection entitled the “Moon Girl” that was a great success and featured well-tailored mini dresses with dropped waistlines, vibrant tones of pink, orange, green, lots of white and silver, goggles with narrow eye slits, helmet-shaped hats and square-toed midcalf boots made of smooth white leather.
Prada’s SS 13 collection pays a tribute to the “Space Man” Courrèges and shows socks-like leather boots in silver, gold, red and powder pink, that undoubtedly resemble Courrèges’ midcalf boots from his Space Age collection.
Prada enhances the look by combining the soft sleek boots with high wedges, and thus responds to the everlasting trend for the tall slender silhouette that is expressed in the popularity of high heels, wedges and platforms. Prada’s wedges, sunglasses, tops and overcoats also feature a daisy motif which was often André Courrèges’ trademark and that he associated with youth and young generation, that was very vivid and active in the 60-s, when André Courrèges designed his collections.

André Courrèges Space Age Collection
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Prada RTW SS 13 collection
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Antidote Magazine Street issues 2013. Featured shades by Courrèges. 

André Courrèges
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Prada SS 13 campaign 
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André Courrèges creations included very unusual nearly bizarre headpieces such as knitted helmets, hats that cover entire head and face, exposing only the eyes, which also resemble the balaclava helmet, as well as very sculptural futuristic hats that have a distinct sci-fi aesthetic.
Some of the most groundbreaking contemporary avant-garde designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Mareunrol’s seem to follow Courrèges footsteps by creating stunning headgear that often serves as a statement piece of a collection and explores the connection between fashion, art and technology, and scrutinizes the characteristics and the purpose of the headgear in terms of its wearability, usage as protection or/and embellishment. What is it? Is it a stylish accessory, a code of otherness, a protection, a gadget/an extension of the body, a communication tool? Every designer offers a different solution and a different answer, but what they all have in common and they all express is the courage to undergo the limits, the creative force, the boldness, and the interest and the ability to explore and to integrate new technologies in their designs.

André Courregès
André Courregès
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André Courregès
Source: http://madamhatter.wordpress.com/tag/andre-courreges/

Mareunrol’s “Private Detective” collection 2008

Mareunrol’s “Fieldwork” collection 2013

I suggest to call this summer 2013 the “COURA[e]GE[s] summer and I would like to encourage everyone to finally dare to wear space-y silver mini dresses, outrageous headgear, quirky goggles and daisy shirts, as a tribute to Andrè Courrèges vision and his joy radiating and futuristic style. 
By Veronika

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