Her Majesty, the Venetian cat

I saw this cat inside a small repair shop in Venice and just stopped and stared at it. The owner obviously thought I'm some crazy tourist
for wanting to take her picture, but graciously let me in and on his fingers showed me that it's 20 years old.

As I came close to her with my camera I swear I was only waiting for her to speak "But you are not Alice...."

Wish you all a wonderland weekend!

Red, Milan streetstyle


Friends in style, Milan

When I met these girls it felt like trench coat heaven :-) Only now, looking at the picture below, I notice the subtle differences - how
each of them made the same piece of garment fit her own style. Ladylike, grungy and boho-chic nicely next to each other, like friends.

Later on that day I snapped these older ladies holding on to each other, exiting a metro station.
It felt like I was being forwarded 40 years ahead, seeing the same friends going out together again :-)
Have a great rest of the week with all of your friends!


Inspiration: Nancy Zhan

So clever and cute :-) I really like Nancy's way of documenting her everyday outfits by drawing them.

Nancy is a freelance illustrator and professional concept art designer from China, living in Berlin. For me, her talent
really makes her stand out in the community of people who take pictures of their outfits. Feel free to see more of her work here.


Stefania, Milan streetstyle

I met Stefania in one of the design studios on Via Tortona. Because it was already dark outside, I came back the next day to take her picture. This is her everyday style and I think she looks absolutely adorable.


She is also (together with Francesca Morini) the designer of Bottongufi, the unique owl brooches made out of vintage buttons. Every bottongufi is one of a kind and has a serial number. Mine is 3826 :-)
You can see more of Stefania's work and say Hi! to her at bottongufi.blogspot.com or find Bottongufi online here: www.etsy.com/shop/bottongufi


Sunshine, Milan streetstyle

This lovely lady was the first person I asked to have her photographed. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask where she or her coat are from.
But I am sure they're from somewhere with a lot of sunshine.


Leather jackets and bikes, Milan streetstyle

Guess you don't know how stylish bike riding can be, unless you see it in Paris or Milan.
These guys just happened to swooosh by while I was shooting Stefanie (coming up later) so I just quickly snapped them. Didn't ask their permission, but hope to be forgiven :-)

Traveller's chic, Milan streetstyle

Black & white with caramel, Milan streetstyle

I saw this lady a few times in the design crowd on Via Tortona and finally got to stopping her.
I love her simple colour scheme with the warm caramel of her jacket and just a hint of blue.
She looks really comfortable and kind of cute and girly at the same time.

Aquamarine Sunday, Milan streetstyle


This fragile little lady didn't understand a word in English and I don't speak Italian, but I still managed to convince her to take her picture.
She even put aside the magazine she was holding and gave me a little smile. Molto elegante :-)

The artist, Milan streetstyle

Notice the lightbulb in his jacket's pocket :-)


Milan design week

After a two days delay and a night train ride from Venice to Budapest, sooo happy to be home. Pictures coming soon...

Wedding bouquet leftover


A lovely day

Never thought it will come to this, but I am actually posting a real set styling job I recently did, ta-daaam! Wedding styling is a dream really, but I was so nervous about it being perfect and beautiful that I just kept putting the puzzle of the set together in my head over and over again, till it was buzzing and I couldn't sleep...

The pictures were shot by the very talented Jonas for a wedding agency's web page, which is under construction right now, but make sure to check out the lovely ladies later at www.lovelyday.sk


Stop this world, i want to blog

Hello world,
here i am
jumping on the bandwagon of blogging
just because
i can't stand the pressure within
from all things beautiful
to share with you
so bear with me

Thank you :-)
Love, Marika