New Yorkers and their bicycles


I have nothing to say really.... :-) Except that I am enchanted. And I wish you all a great weekend!


Little details, NYC streetstyle

Often it's the little details that turn a whole impression into a lasting one. On this guy I absolutely love his classic turtle-shell glasses (I have a feeling the turtle-shells are in for a huge comeback...) and the mixing of patterns with the handkerchief in his back pocket. As seen here, if you do the mix in the same colour code, it turns out classy and still unique at the same time.


Beautifully basic, NYC streetstyle

Sometimes all you need are a few basic pieces: white T,  fitting dark denim, sleek black booties and a simple neck piece. But notice the little details: rolled up sleeves, rolled up jeans, statement eyebrows... It's all in the little details. Of course it doesn't hurt to have perfect hair and skin and face (she told me she's got half Finnish cheeks...) Oh well :-)
I actually disturbed this girl while she was having lunch on a bench in Soho (I really hate to do that and find it quite rude, ugh, shame on me), but had to keep moving and she was nice enough to pose, so thank you again! :-)


Sunkissed in the city, NYC streetstyle

Honestly, how could you not love freckles? :-)

Okay, now let me direct your attention to the hairstyle - so very New York right now. Short on the sides and in the back, long on the top, creating an 80's kind of, right out of the "brat pack" movies feeling. But combined with some facial hair and laid back sailor style, it gives this hairstyle a completely new edge.

I had a wonderful time in New York, want to say Thanks to all the inspirational people I met. Can't wait to share all the pictures and style impressions. Have a splendid week everyone!

Sunkissed, Pohoda festival style

This girl told me she doesn't look good on photos. That's something I don't believe in. Sure there are some people more photogenic than others, but when you have the personality and the photographer is intrigued by it, it always, always shows in the picture :-) So just let your inner sun out and shine, you are beautiful!

Mix it and it will match, Pohoda festival style


The girl with the necklace, Pohoda festival style


And then, among all the hats, bikinis, surfer shorts and half naked bodies you meet somebody that just blows you away. I found this girl incredibly beautiful - with the massive wooden necklace rounding her neck and the peachy scarf rounding her head... with all the details like a classic mole, Audrey Hepburn earrings, her gentle face expression and her strong eyebrows (which my guy pointed out to me actually with his sharp eye :-). To me she looks like a painting of a girl from another time. And it's kind of comforting :-)


At Pohoda summer festival

It was all laid back, all hot, all crowded, all happy and all about hats, more hats and hats again :-) Occasionally head scarfs, caps and (thankfully) very rarely towels and other pieces of garment meant to shield its owner from the sun. More pictures coming soon :-) I am off into the New York sun with my fedora hat, have a sunny week everyone!


In the detail: model face


While I was photographing Katarina S. (sorry for the silly "S." naming, there are just too many Katarinas around me, I kind of have to have an order :-) she looked all photogenic and beautiful, but kind of pissed off. So I asked her what it was all about and she told me as a model she was taught and directed into looking pissed and now she can't get rid of the habit. Hmmmm... All right, I kind of understand. I don't need models smiling at me like they are my childhood's long lost best friends but even less do I need girls and young women mimicking models and this lifestyle feeling of played anger and believed superficiality. Sure playing out all kinds of fashion stories is intriguing and exciting, but leading young girls into looking unitedly pissed and eventually having all the same expression is kind of... off, don't you think? So long live personality (which Katarina has tons of, just to make it clear) and all the ways of expressing it! :-)


Summer leather, Bratislava streetstyle

This girl and this girl are sisters, as I have learned. I guess style runs in the family :-)


Start spreading the news...

In about two hours I am out the door, heading towards the magic that is New York, oh yes! :-)
I will be gone for a week, but have post prepared for your, so they will be coming soon! Have a great week everyone!
Love, Marika

Red cross girl, Bratislava streetstyle

Speaking of working uniforms... :-) This girl is a volunteer for the Red Cross, I caught her just before her shift started. She actually looks cute in her Red Cross trousers, kind of tough and feminine at the same time, with a personal touch to it. Hope this will convince her that she in deed is photogenic :-)


A Scotsman in Bratislava, Bratislava streetstyle

Recently I was walking down a little street that I usually don't take. This gentleman was standing outside a whisky bar just like you see him here, casually leaning on the table, watching people and life pass by. We started talking and even though he hesitated to be photographed at first, I think he was secretly proud :-) Unfortunately I forgot his name, but he is a Scotsman traveling between Scotland, Prague and Bratislava where he co-owns whisky bars.
(To my friends on the Scottish island of Iona: of course I asked him, he's been there recently :-)

First I though "my, what a messy quilt..." but then I got the beauty of it. This guy is not wearing his quilt out of extravagance, as a tourist attraction or only on Sundays, this is his casual, working attire. You can see it on the frayed edges of it, on the slightly worn colours. He wears it while talking to business partners, unpacking boxes, serving his customers or inviting strangers on the street to try his "ladies whisky" :-) Okay, maybe I am talking about something quite usual, but put into the context of guys wearing only trousers, mostly jeans, you have to admit, he kind of stands out :-)


Katarina S., Bratislava streetstyle

With Katarina S. we kind of bumped into each other on the internet. I found her on one of the servers for fashion bloggers and instantly liked her style (here it's kind of boho chic meets androgyne), found out she was a blogger too and then one day she commented on one of my posts. We agreed to do a little shooting in the streets, but before that could have happened, I met her at the Mayamay fashion show... and here are the results of our impromptu meeting :-)

She's one of the lucky people that the camera just loves and I have to admit I couldn't decide which picture to post and which not... Yup, I have another post with her ready for you very soon :-) Until then you can see some of her art work and pictures at her blog.

In the detail: crochet earring

Spanish earrings made from wood, painted white, with a crochet pattern.


At Mayamay fashion show

Mayamay is Maria Stranekova's (the fashion designer I met on the street :-) fashion label for which she threw a not-so-traditional, interactive fashion show. Having a background in advertising, anything interactive is thumbs up for me :-) and this evening proved it. In case of a fashion show it meant that she had pieces from her collections for people to try on and spend the evening in. Pure genius! Held in the old courtyard of SODA gallery decorated with photographs of the collections, anywhere you looked and stepped, WAS the catwalk.

All the clothes looked amazing! But my personal favorites are her pieces from men's shirts that she turns into dresses, structured tops, skirts, you name it. For better light conditions I took some of the pics outside on the street. Enjoy!


Here's my friend Katka (in a Pepe Jeans dress), together we enjoyed and kick-started the evening at this wonderful event, so big thank you and bissous to Maya. And here's to an exciting new week! :-)