In the detail: Spice up your office life


I salute this guy on his choice of pattern combination! I would say he was quite surprised and hesitant to have his picture taken, but sometimes a little flattery goes a long way :-) Anyway, I think that people who spice up their office attires do double good - not only can they feel good and express their individualistic sides, they make the the office a more happy place to work at for others as well. (Even if their mothers are horrified by their choices... :-)


In the detail: if you're going to San Francisco


Update: I just found out this girl I met on the street is a fellow blogger and tonbogirl friend :-) check out her blog here.


J'adore, Bratislava streetstyle

I met this sunny girl with a flower in her hair and très adorable top (from Topshop) on the summer city beach in Bratislava. Now on the pictures I also notice the flowery pockets peeking out from underneath her jeans shorts. I never really got this trend of the big floppy pockets peeking out, but here it looks rather cute :-) Now can Topshop please come to Bratislava?


Empire state of mind


I will try to put this into words in a very calm, casual and adult manner: "Well, dears, I will be very probably traveling to New York in a few weeks time. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Hooooooraaaaay!!!!" :-)

Just got my ticket today, still absorbing all the excitement, cleaning the lens on my camera and putting together the to DO, to SEE, to TRY, to BUY list in my head. If you have any suggestions for me in any areas, please let me know, I will appreciate them :-) It's been a few years since my last visit to the capital of the world and I am already smelling the New York air, hearing the crazy car honks and seeing all the wonderful individuals crossing its streets.
Okay, only 22 nights to go, starting now!

Dad's closet, Bratislava streetstyle

I basically dragged this girl out of a shopping center to take her picture. I like the way her funky tribal earphones (from H&M's Fashion against AIDS collection) and hairstyle go with the rest of her outfit. Originally I intended this post to be about fashion labels fighting for good causes and raising the awareness of their young customers to other than the latest trends.... Weeeell, I will come back to that later :-)

Because looking back at these pictures I got all nostalgic - I realized how this girl's style is very close to my strong tendencies of wearing men's clothes. I suddenly remembered how, some time at high school, I took my dad's old suit pants (they were very slouchy and close to slipping down from my hips :-) and paired them with white tank tops. Trust me, I felt like the coolest cat :-)
Hm, I was actually often closer to robbing my dad's closet than my mum's. Sure I have my girlie phases, but underneath it all is the base built on comfortable, stylish guy's stuff...
Okay, have to run now and read some psychological stuff about this (while wearing my authentic boyfriend jeans...). Wish you all a sunny day! :-)


Shooting in paradise

                                                                        Translation of the headline: "EVA Setting trends since ever"

I'm sooo excited to share the result of a campaign visual shooting we did (in our creative studio) for the leading Slovak glossy magazine, Eva. It was a wonderful (and unbelievably long) night in the botanical gardens' green house. Our model, Hanka (who in the morning flew from Canary Islands via Madrid to Prague, took a ride to Bratislava and arrived at the stroke of midnight), turned out to be best dressed for the heat of that night :-) With the narrow space in between islands of plants, the amazing photographer Jakub Klimo was peeking out from leaves and trees like he was shooting for National Geographic.

We left the green house with the sun coming up over the city and birds getting louder - it was a quiet, but happy ride home :-)

And let's not forget the rest of the wonderful people who participated: styling by Jana Kapounova, hair and make-up by Zuzana Klimova, flower styling by Robert Bartolen, model: Hana J., Elite (and no, I can not forget the wonderful catering master, Roman :-).  Thank you all!
For a sneak peek behind the scenes of the shooting go here.

Ivica, Bratislava streetstyle

First thing I noticed: a bicycle and a girl from behind. Only when I started talking to her I realized that I know her face - as Miss Slovakia 2005, Ivica Sláviková. To me, in real life she seemed so much more girlie and pretty than how I recall her from magazines. Not that she's not strikingly beautiful in there. But what you usually don't get to see in those pictures is her down-to-earth and friendly personality. She didn't have a problem with her picture to be taken. And look at the tank top she's wearing. The "I" as in Ivica was made from buttons by a friend. How sweet is that? :-)

I am glad to be finding more bicycles on the city streets. In addition, I found this illustration and it's logic just got me!

                                   Illustration source: www.her0in-chic.xanga.com
I'm thinking about buying a bicycle now, just like the one on this picture. My extra special technical requirements are that it has to be slightly used, slightly older, preferably black and with a basket in front. Oh so French, n'est pas? And come on, who wouldn't want a "lil extra luv" and legs of steel? :-)


Little Miss Sunshine, Bratislava streetstyle

Meet Tina, a stylish young lady with the cutest haircut ever :-) Somebody once told me about her that "she'll have fun even at a boring party, no problem". I know for a fact that Tina's humour is infectious and she has the best collection of funny life stories. I also like her sense of style - simple, clean, almost classic, yet fashionable pieces with a little twist and biiiig sunglasses :-)
Big hugs, you all! :-)


In the detail: Walking on sunshine

These handmade pieces of sunshine are from Indonesia. They were smiling at me from far away and I couldn't resist :-) I decided to post them today, on the first day of summer. And exactly because today felt more like autumn already. But I am not giving up on summer yet, if you don't give up too, together we can lure the sun out... "I'm walking on sunshine, oh-ho..."

Flowery dresses, Bratislava streetstyle

In the detail: how big is your belt?


Guys in hats, Bratislava streetstyle

Okay, so I officially have a thing for guys in hats. In the short history of this blog you could see them here, here, here and here and also these guys below. I really don't know why is it so, I guess a hat is just that little thing that can give an outfit the extra edge.

Once I read a funny manual about "How to get shot by The Sartorialist". Want to get shot by tonbogirl? Wear a hat, guys, I'll find you :-)


P.S. Just a quick shout out to all dads today (and especially mine, who doesn't wear a hat, but I love him nevertheless :-): all the best!


Sylvia, Bratislava streetstyle

I 'm sure you know a girl like Sylvia. It's the kind of girl who is just perfect all the time. Without any visible effort, without any "trying too hard" signs. And doesn't matter if she's doing Pilates, climbing a mountain, driving, having fun or worrying about work - she's always, always perfectly put together. 

I know... maddening. You can try and hey, you CAN succeed to feel perfect. Sure you can, for like one day in a week? :-)
And you know what? You can't even have bad feelings towards the perfect girl. Not only because you are a nice and generous person that is happy for others (of course you are!), but because she's very kind and sweet. And smart. Like Sylvia, who was looking for a trench coat. Since she couldn't find any she liked, she bought a dress with zipper on the front that she now uses as a trench coat. That's just so smart. And... what's the word for it.... perfect? :-)

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend everyone!


In the detail: quilted


Black & white stripes, Bratislava streetstyle

Another day, another girl, another play with proportions. Here I also like the mixing of different kind of stripes that perk up an otherwise simple black and white outfit. This girl was on the run to her exam, so good luck to all students struggling with their exams right now! You can do it :-)


Playing with proportions, Bratislava streetstyle


The weather here is taking a less sunny, more rainy, grey turn, which made me pull out some outfit pictures from a few weeks ago.
I really like the black and brown combination here with the shades of grey and beige. Also, notice the play with the proportions: short jacket with rolled up sleeves, long sweater. Light on the hair, heavy on the scarf. Topping it off with the new IT way of wearing your belt and the slouchy boots, just perfect! And last, but not least: the girl's sunny attitude :-) It makes this sad weather oh so more bearable.


Treasure hunt: woven basket


On one of the antique markets around I recently got hold of these two woven items - one is sort of a plate traditionally used for serving bread and the other one is just pure beauty :-) My guess is that it had been used for storing a sewing kit or small household items. On the bottom of it with an old fashioned hand-writing stands the signature of its owner: "Kovács Bözsi, Palást".

I guess I could use it for about the same purposes as its original owner. But have a strong feeling that from time to time is will be turned into a summer handbag :-)

The stylish wanderer, Bratislava streetstyle via Poland


Most often the things I admire in others are the ones I can not do. Like being a rocket scientist. Or a rock star. Or rocking a pair of stylish Mango wedges while traveling around. I don't know how this girl does it, but I saw her with my own eyes strolling through the pedestrian zone, looking at Saint Martin's Dome. The next day she was planning to visit Budapest. She has all my respect. Now can I have her bag please? :-)


Indian summer, Bratislava streetstyle

Okay, now I can clearly see a trend emerging here: first feather in ears, now feathers everywhere. Also coming up are other Native American patterns and colours, although I think this girl is really just being herself, all trends aside :-)
Looking at her ice-breaking smile I just really want one thing: world peace. Let's have a more beautiful week than the one before! :-)


It's that time of the year, Bratislava streetstyle

I can't believe how cute this couple is! I especially love the girl's multicoloured stripes and the guy's.... well, everything :-) They were really sweet and when we parted ways I realized what they reminded me of: summer festivals! Laid back coolness, lots of colours, sun, water (and beer), people who are happy to be there and away from every day's hustle and tons of good music, inspiration and love :-)

My summer festival plans so far include the biggest Slovak festival Pohoda and for the first time Sziget in Budapest. Hope to meet some of you there :-) Hooray for summer festivals!


Easy breezy beautiful, Bratislava streetstyle

I have already claimed my love for black in the summer and this girl just makes me repeat it. And you know what else? She makes me think about cutting my hair and dying it to platinum blond. There, I said it. (I think my hairdresser Martin just fainted somewhere out there...) No, really, look how cool SHE looks. And what's up with these minimalistic digital watches? Not that I use a watch, but.... don't I NEED one? (No, you don't, copycat.) Okay, okay. I'm off to buy some feathers though...
Have a sunny, inspirational weekend everyone! :-)


Mellow yellow, Bratislava streetstyle


Ingredients for the perfect summer in the city style: cute pixie haircut, soft yellow dress, tone in tone minimalistic digital watch and a just hint of turquoise. Beautiful!


Just how talented is Mr. Ripley? Bratislava streetstyle

Fashion wise, very talented, obviously :-) This guy just appeared out of nowhere with his friends and was kind of shy so I was quickly snapping, because I thought he might change his mind, turn around and leave. Every time I look at this picture it strikes me how much he looks like Matt Damon in the movie mentioned in the title of the post. Even his style - very clean and laid back American mixed with Italian elegance. Don't know about you, but I just love it!

Update! Now get this: turns out (thanks to a friend) this guy is REALLY talented and in more than one way :-) check out the young artist's personal web page and work at www.andrascsefalvay.com

Ahoy! sailor girl, Bratislava streetstyle

I like the fact that his girl's outfit is more authentic navy than fashion chic and kind of has a very real sailing feeling to her. Like she just stepped off a ship's deck. Okay, I know, with perfect hair, make-up and black tights and all... just like in movies :-)

Translator's note: in English the expression "Ahoy!" is used to hail a ship, a boat or a person. Not sure about ships, but people will definitely react to it if you use it in Bratislava, since in Slovak (and Czech) "Ahoj!" means "Hello!"

So just a quick Ahoy! and welcome to all new readers, enjoy your journey!


Little red riding lips in a hood, Bratislava streetstyle

I love magical moments when things happen just like that and then vanish into thin air... leaving you wondering if they really happened... In case you wonder too, fairytale beings and magical creatures do wander around the grey city streets, got one of them captured :-)

Update! The magical girl on the picture is Audrey, the singer of the electronic band Nourish My Fame. Check out their oh so delish music and more of Audrey's pictures on their web or myspace page.

Last week in a picture, Bratislava streetstyle

Yes, that's exactly the kind of week we had - longing for summer, but needing to have some protection against the wind and rain.
My thoughts go out to everyone battling with the floods (in Slovakia and the countries around) - best of luck!


Color me good, Bratislava streetstyle

Trend alert! Walking the streets, it seems to me, that "colourful" is the key word for sunglasses right now. No matter the shape, age, sex or style, bring on the colours!

Have a sunny, colourful week everyone! :-)