Just how talented is Mr. Ripley? Bratislava streetstyle

Fashion wise, very talented, obviously :-) This guy just appeared out of nowhere with his friends and was kind of shy so I was quickly snapping, because I thought he might change his mind, turn around and leave. Every time I look at this picture it strikes me how much he looks like Matt Damon in the movie mentioned in the title of the post. Even his style - very clean and laid back American mixed with Italian elegance. Don't know about you, but I just love it!

Update! Now get this: turns out (thanks to a friend) this guy is REALLY talented and in more than one way :-) check out the young artist's personal web page and work at www.andrascsefalvay.com


  1. yes yes, we all love andrás*

  2. hi katarina, like your blog :-) posles mi mail s kontaktom prosim?

  3. ďakujem moc,
    nejde mi odoslať ti mail /boh vie prečo/
    skús teda napísať ty mne prípadne na sido.katarina@gmail.com a pošlem ti aj bližší kontakt, ak chceš teda ,)

  4. a ja chodím obkukávať tvoj blog často, páči sa mi, čo robíš, a ako to robíš. veľmi dobrá robota, ozaj konečne dobrý svk fashion blog.

    a vždy hromžím, že ako to, že mňa si ešte neodchytila na tom hviezdku /samochvála/. :)

  5. haha, i know exactly which photo from talented mr ripley you're talking about. so true, great shot