Beautifully basic, NYC streetstyle

Sometimes all you need are a few basic pieces: white T,  fitting dark denim, sleek black booties and a simple neck piece. But notice the little details: rolled up sleeves, rolled up jeans, statement eyebrows... It's all in the little details. Of course it doesn't hurt to have perfect hair and skin and face (she told me she's got half Finnish cheeks...) Oh well :-)
I actually disturbed this girl while she was having lunch on a bench in Soho (I really hate to do that and find it quite rude, ugh, shame on me), but had to keep moving and she was nice enough to pose, so thank you again! :-)


  1. cute! im sure she was flattered too though


  2. i just love simple outfits. I want her wedges. yea i agree with doremy, i pretty sure she was flattered.i would be flattered if some did that to me. haha love you blog, im going to follow u

  3. Oh, thank you, Kristina :-) She was a really nice person, though I don't remember her name....