In the detail: model face


While I was photographing Katarina S. (sorry for the silly "S." naming, there are just too many Katarinas around me, I kind of have to have an order :-) she looked all photogenic and beautiful, but kind of pissed off. So I asked her what it was all about and she told me as a model she was taught and directed into looking pissed and now she can't get rid of the habit. Hmmmm... All right, I kind of understand. I don't need models smiling at me like they are my childhood's long lost best friends but even less do I need girls and young women mimicking models and this lifestyle feeling of played anger and believed superficiality. Sure playing out all kinds of fashion stories is intriguing and exciting, but leading young girls into looking unitedly pissed and eventually having all the same expression is kind of... off, don't you think? So long live personality (which Katarina has tons of, just to make it clear) and all the ways of expressing it! :-)