A Scotsman in Bratislava, Bratislava streetstyle

Recently I was walking down a little street that I usually don't take. This gentleman was standing outside a whisky bar just like you see him here, casually leaning on the table, watching people and life pass by. We started talking and even though he hesitated to be photographed at first, I think he was secretly proud :-) Unfortunately I forgot his name, but he is a Scotsman traveling between Scotland, Prague and Bratislava where he co-owns whisky bars.
(To my friends on the Scottish island of Iona: of course I asked him, he's been there recently :-)

First I though "my, what a messy quilt..." but then I got the beauty of it. This guy is not wearing his quilt out of extravagance, as a tourist attraction or only on Sundays, this is his casual, working attire. You can see it on the frayed edges of it, on the slightly worn colours. He wears it while talking to business partners, unpacking boxes, serving his customers or inviting strangers on the street to try his "ladies whisky" :-) Okay, maybe I am talking about something quite usual, but put into the context of guys wearing only trousers, mostly jeans, you have to admit, he kind of stands out :-)


  1. where his was staying on Iona?
    hm, interesting:)
    svet je maly

  2. i like your post and your blog is really amazing !
    Congratulations !