Red sandals and black&white dots, NYC streetstyle

I met this lovely girl in a shoe shop. It was the morning of another hot and humid day in New York and I was just contemplating about buying some Hunter's rain boots (haha) when she walked in with her dog. There was something very sweet, elegant and refined about her, I instantly liked her as if she was my friend. I learned she's from Canada and her fabulous red sandals were from the very same shop we have met in. Small world :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, dears, I am looking forward to friends' very cool wedding, cake and dancing and all that, oh my! :-)


  1. aw, the dog! and her hair, and her shoes, and her dress! so great
    have fun at the wedding!

    come by sometime,
    The Ballon Rouge

  2. Beautiful smile :) And the dog is a great outfit accessory! :)

  3. Thanks Doremy, we did :-)))