The shirt dress, Banská Štiavnica streetstyle via Bratislava

I think there's a thin line between making a shirt dress look like a fashion choice or just plain pyjamas. Looking at these pictures I would say the key elements that make the difference are: confidence, grace and jewelery. Of course it doesn't hurt if the dress has interesting details like this custom made one: extra wide sleeves and some extra pockets. And at the same time it looks such a comfortable choice, I am really considering one now :-)

The pictures were taken in the wonderful town of Banská Štiavnica where I was hoping for some local streetstyle and met girls from Bratislava. Maybe next time :-)


  1. Pôsobí tak prirodzene a neobmedzene, aj košeľa, aj táto krásna žena. Veľmi sa mi páči.

  2. tak to sme aspon dve :-)))

  3. v meste stretnes velmi malo stiavnicanov, najma cez vikend, zvacsa su to turisti a navstevnici..a ak stiavnicania, tak toh ó isteho stretnes aspon 4x :) a okrem toho, ja som bol zase v ba :) vlado

  4. teda, a naco ja idem do stiavnice, ked ty si v ba... ;-)))))

  5. Cute post! Did you make this shirt dress youself or did you happen to find it in a store because if you bought it I would really like to know where you got it from so I may buy one myself. The thing I like best about the dress is that is looks like an oversized men's dress shirt which are all really comfortable.

  6. Hi Anonymous :-) the girl on the picture told me the dress is custom made, tailored, she didn't buy it anywhere. it sure does look comfortable :-)

    but let me ask: are you aware that you just kind of spammed my readers with a link? hope it wasn't on commercial purpose :-)

    thanks for your comment!