Designblok moments, Prague

Oh yes, before New York and many other things I am still owing you, there was the Prague Designblok. It was a short, but intense two days stay for me, but I enjoyed it as much as I could. Here are some of my favorite moments/installations/ideas. The first picture was taken in the amazing Clam-Gallasův palace. Feel free to click on the links included :-)

Pred New Yorkom a ďalšími vecami, ktoré vám stále dlhujem, sa dial pražský Designblok. Boli dva krátke, ale intenzívne dni, ktoré sme si užili naplno. Ponúkam pár svojich obľúbených momentov/inštalácií/nápadov. Prvá fotka je z prekrásneho interiéru Clam-Gallasůvho paláca. Priložené linky sú veselo klikateľné :-)

 The all-white Brokis room and lamps.

Gentle and powerful at the same time: installation from pieces by Liběna Rochová and Denisa Nová. Also, Denisa's fashion show, which (to me) seemed more of a very strong, pure, personal statement rather than your usual fashion show:

 And the barefoot models on the catwalk!

 Posedlí studio's "ODBABI" project: a smart, thoughtful way to involve you knitting, sewing grandma and give her some space under the fashion sun!

 Mária Štraneková's new collection Dust with unique, beautiful prints: macro-photos of dust.

The sophisticated simplicity of Jindřa Jansova.

The autumn and painting-like installation of hand cuffs and other cute pieces by Belka.

Miroslav Sabo, holder of ELLE's Talent card prepared a collection for Designblok. Remember his name, next up for him: internship with Raf Simmons.
Qubus' combination of product design and sense of humor. 

It was a beautiful experience, sending you my love from New York, and travelling home very soon!